Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Be Wise

Everyone has been through it before: "I'm in trouble, and I have no clue what to do!" The first step is usually to panic, pondering up different ideas and strategies for getting out of the situation. If that doesn't work (and many times it doesn't) what is there left to do? It is not easy to make a difficult, life changing decision on ones own. At times the best guidance doesn't come one's own person, but from outside parties such as family and friends. Please keep in mind however that I did not say all the time. Often the people who try to help you will be the ones that aid your downfall. It would be common sense to search for and confide in the ones who give the best advice. However, is this advice truly the best guidance for you, or is it just what you want to hear, and not what you need to hear. It is remarkably easy to accept advice which caters to your wants, but there seems to be a reoccurring trend to ignore your needs. So then, what is the best advice one can get? My answer to this question is any and all advice. I just finished a conversation with my friend, her telling me how people continue to give her advice, then turn and do the exact opposite, basically giving their advice much less credibility. I told her I don't believe there is such a thing as wrong advice. Whether you agree with one's guidance or not, or whether it's just plain right or wrong, it can always help you. Through guidance, one gains knowledge of the wrong, and of the right. Advice is a guideline, and should be used as just that. And with that knowledge comes your ability to choose.

"Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire."
William Yeats